• SDRG 002
  • 12” VINYL EP
  • 23 FEBRUARY 2015

a. Entropy
b. Stoya

six d.o.g.s records’ second release under the Gilda series, which focuses on contemporary, club-oriented electronic music, is Glacial’s “Entropy” EP.

Glacial are the joint project of renowned Greek techno/house producer Giorgos Lemos -simply known as Lemos – and saxophonist/experimental artist Ilan Manouach. Their debut was a self-titled LP on the Hotel Costes series, released to critical acclaim in the beginning of 2012. Ricardo Villalobos called it “the album of his dreams” while the media described its’ abstract, minimal, dubby, jazzy electronic music as ‘hardcore lounge’, ‘elevator techno’. Today, almost three years later, they make their glorious return with a two-track EP on a 12’’ vinyl (also available on digital format), taking a dancefloor-friendly turm, still retaining their Maurizio-style and Balcan-Jazz tastes.

On side A we are greeted by the epic fifteen-minute-long dub techno monster of “Entropy”. Don’t let that sweet jazzy intro misguide you, as the track builds and builds to reach monstrous heights of energy, full of sub-basses and screaming horns, ideal for both peak-time or after-hours action. “Stoya” on Side B is deeper, moody and minimal with a great groovy loop. Jazzy elements all over set the tone and when the break comes, ilan’s saxophone shines through like a blister in the sun. “Stoya” was recently included in Mary Ann Hobb’s playlist for BBC Radio.

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