THE EAST / SLO MO + طرابلس

THE EAST / SLO MO + طرابلس


The East were formed in Athens, Greece in 2014. Their sound ranges from typical rock n’roll forms to traditional rhythms as well as intrusive synths and samples, that all alternate continuously between rhythmic exacerbation and pauses, generating a different mood
each time. Repetitive patterns and vocals that impose an atmosphere rather than narrate a story, contribute in producing a deafening sound that is sometimes euphoric and sometimes asphyxiating.

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  • SDRM 001
  • 10 OCTOBER 2014

The idea of starting a record label had been growing around the six d.o.g.s records headquarters for a long time. The decision was made in the spring of 2014, which was a rather happy coincidence, as that was also the time when The East, whose members have been involved in numerous projects in Athens’ indie scene for years, were formed.

The result was a massive, loud modern rock n’ roll sound that is clearly depicted on the two tracks of the 10’’ which was released on October 10th. The outbursts of the manic rhythm section and the noisy pauses are into complete configuration with the standard rock n’ roll music «landscapes» and the synth or sample based ideas. The vocals do not tell a story, but mainly create an atmosphere that haunts the listener.

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